Sunday, May 22, 2011

Revamp Reveal

Hi di hi
Well it's taken a day or two to get there, here's the new look garage/studio:

Just a few more things to do, a notice board to put up and some more treasures to pop on display.It’s looking a little bland right now. 
Wonder how long it will stay that tidy? I have this theory that you cant be creative and tidy at the same time.

You want to know what's on the frame don't you?

It’s another hearts for Christchurch quilt. It’s quilting up lovely. One more to go and I will have quilted  7 for Christchurch.


  1. The quilting studio looks fantastic and the heart quilt looks beautiful too!

  2. hi Linda, welcome to blogland, so nice to see you! Your quilting studio is taking shape and lloking great. I am sure you will do some wonderful work here.


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