Saturday, July 04, 2015

Letter from America II

Today we went to the local Farmers Market. It is held in a very attractive location. 

There are lots of very cute boutique type shops. This one, which was I think called something like Fairy Tale Land, seemed to be devoted to selling Santa ornaments. 
I guess this is a normal shopping centre during the week, on a Friday the farm vendors come in and set up their stalls.It seemed like a time warp to see summer fruits in abundance. 

We came home with peaches, nectarines, yellow cherries, blackberries and raspberries. All very nice, top produce. 

An elderly gentle man had a stall selling succulent plants in unusual up cycled containers. This one is a piece of trellis backed with a fence pale. 

For this one he up cycled an electric fan basket. 

clever , yes?

Flower vendors had lots of bright blooms for sale. These bright pink (oh what a surprise) Sweet Peas caught my eye. 

The whole complex has colourful well attended gardens.  Even Mother Duck thought it was a great place to have an outing with her ducklings. 

I am loving Seattle and looking forward to lots more happy times.

See you soon


Letter from America

Yes I have arrived safely. We are at David and Lisa's house in Seattle. They have a lovely new house. Very well appointed. They tell us the builder is an Australian. I think the home has a little "Aussie" feel about it:

Down stairs there are dark polished wood floors. I think that feels like an Aussie touch. We feel very welcome and relaxed. 

From the only in America department, this lady arrived at the door today:

Can you see the letters on her top? She works for Yes, she's here to pick up the dog poop! 

The bus trip from Vancouver to here was very scenic.  I was surprised to see that even in the height of summer here the surrounding mountains are still capped with snow. Lots of lush greenery, fun to spot plants that grow in our part of the world. 

We're having a few quiet days at home then we go exploring this lovely location. 

talk soon


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My bags are packed……

I'm ready to go………..
My plan this holiday is to buy charms for my Pandora bracelet only, no other souvenirs for me. I am also travelling with cabin luggage only. I had a trial pack yesterday. I can easily pack all I need.

I am travelling to Seattle, Vancouver, London, Paris, Venice and back to England.  For my fellow quilters you will be interested to know I am going to the Sisters Quilt show in Oregon. While in England I will go to the The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham and hopefully to York to see Kaffe Fassett's Ancestral Gifts Exhibition.
It's going to be hard to leave our Kit Kats but we will be fortunate enough to visit with some other cats on our travels.Perhaps our boys will sleep the time away and hardly miss us.
If you've been thinking I have been a bit quiet lately it is because I have been getting all my quilting commitments up to date plus all the other things one must do before being away for an extended period of time. I have just finished two quilts for younger members of our family. I hope I can still remember how to quilt when I get home.
In the final countdown now,  7days to go. I will try to blog (by IPad, wish me luck) and Face Book about our travels so please pop back to catch an update.
As I said my bags are packed, I'm ready to go…..



Monday, June 01, 2015

Sunday Sundries

………Once again we have been busy with three WWOOFers visiting us. Two delightful young ladies, Becca and Kat from England and Romain from France.

Becca and Kat made short work of weed matting our bank and mulching it. Romain also helped with this task plus pruning and house maintenance work. After the big bank job Becca and Kat applied themselves to weeding and tidying borders with great enthusiasm.

It wasn’t all hard work, time for checking those all important phones

Jigsaw puzzling

and last but not least Kitty playtime.

While they were here Romain helped me clean out and tidy up our garden room. I found lots of partially used packets of flowers seeds. These have all been mixed up with some finely crushed bark, Ready to be sprinkled around the garden. Hopefully some pretty flowers will emerge in the spring.

We had a frost on Tuesday, I opened the front door to find our very own mini steaming volcano in the courtyard.

Thanks for popping by


PS I know it's now Monday but Windows Live writer and Blogger are not speaking at the moment. Grrrrrrrrr

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Huka Falls……

…..a beautiful waterfall not far from where we live.Huka Falls is one of the most visited scenic spots in New Zealand.

Image result for huka falls taupo

When I received Sally’s bargello quilt all the colours in and the motion created by the placement of colour and piecing made me think of Huka Falls.

Huka FallsIMG_2168_1

All the colours of the earth, bush and water. I quilted with an all over ripple pattern, which really suited this quilt.


Huka FallsIMG_2167_1

Sally used 20 shades of green in this quilt. I don’t know how many intersections there are in this quilt but I can tell you I didn’t see a single out of line one. Wonderful work, a pleasure to quilt. Thank you for sending your quilt to me Sally.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Sundries

Now that’s a heading you haven’t seen for awhile.

The season is changing here. Rich Autumn colours in the garden

Autumn Ribbet collage

Still a bit of summer colour lingers on:
Autumn flowersRibbet collage

This week we have had the pleasure of hosting two Swedish WWOOFers. Maia and Emilia have worked really hard. They have been a delight to have staying in our house. They cleared lots of weeds on the bank.


I asked them to prune a very large lavender bush, but first they harvested all the flower spikes.Now tied into bunches and  drying in the garage.


They helped us change our wall quilts.

autumn quiltsRibbet collage

We shall miss these two Swedish maidens when they leave us. Safe journey home Maia and Emilia.


Mother’s Day

I was looking through some old photos a few days ago and I found this picture of Mum when she had her hair Hot Waved for the first time.

Mums first hot wave0052015

She saved her money for ages to afford a perm. She used to say God gave her straight hair but he didn’t give her the face to suit. Back in the day the process to have ones hair permed was called a Hot Wave. The equipment for this process looked like this:

Hot Perm Machine

Pretty scary yes? You can read about the process here. Mum was disappointed when the new Cold Wave came in. She said it was not as good. Right to the end of her life she liked to keep her hair permed. She didn’t like the process but she liked the result. Here she is, hair freshly permed and looking happy.

Curlylocks Curlylocks

Thinking of you today Mum xxxx


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