Tuesday, July 17, 2018

A trip down memory lane

Sunday we visited Leavenworth which is about two hours drive away up high in the Cascade mountains. 
Peggy and I stopped there on our travels three years ago. Peggy returned with David and family in 2016 for a short stay. 
We both fell in love with Leavenworth and asked to visit again. 
 The whole town is made to look like a Bavarian village. It's very pretty. 
We had lunch at a German style restaurant. I got to taste Sauerkraut for the first time. I loved it. Be buying some when we return home. 
Here you go, be ready for lots of pictures.....

If you are ever travelling this way do stop off in Leavenworth. It’s well worth a visit. 

Sunday, July 15, 2018

As American as Apple Pie

Today we attended an Ice Cream Party. The couple who organised this have been running this event for eleven years.

Arriving at Ice Cream house.

Signs to lead the way

Menu - take a moment to read this. There are some very interesting flavours. 

We all got a “playing” card so we could keep track of what we had tasted. Yep, I tried seven different flavours. In my humble opinion the Lime Mint Sorbet and the Ferengi Cheesecake were first equal. 

Shade and seating arranged on the lawn

Everyone queued for ice cream. Paper bowls were available or edible waffle bowls. 

Mrs. Ice Cream maker extraordinaire. Dressed for the part. I think she probably believes in unicorns! 

Check out her nails

All the people we meet were super polite and friendly. A real fun family friendly gathering. Another full on enjoyable day has passed by. 

Tomorrow we head to Leavenworth in the Cascade Moutains for a day trip. Peggy and I drove through there last time we were in America. We’re looking forward to returning.

Catch you tomorrow 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

.......the rest of our first adventure

....... Our plan was to visit the Glass Garden, whizz up the Sky Needle which is right next to the garden and then proceed on the Hop on Hop off bus for the day. Well, I guess you all know about the best laid plans of mice and men. 

The queues for the Sky Needle were horrendous. In spite of booking a time slot we could see that we would be waiting for at least an hour to get on board. I don’t take kindly to the torture of queuing. Something we Kiwis are not good at. So we decided, in spite of buying tickets to give that a miss and view from afar. If you think that it looks like Sky City Auckland I think they are first cousins. 

The first place we decided to hop of the bus was Miner’s Landing on the seafront. This is where the first big shipment of gold that started the Alaskan gold rush arrived in Seattle. The view from here across the sounds to snowy mountains is marvellous. 

We found a nice place to have lunch, seated outside, taking in the bracing sea air. Turns out the air was I little too bracing. The sun brolly in the middle of our table took flight, whizzed passed my head missing me by inches and landed upside down on a table two along from us! 

There are flowers everywhere. They all seem too look super bright. 

After lunch we took a wee stroll around the area. The sights you see......

It turned out that the bus idea was a bit of a fizzer. The service only has three buses running which is a tad inadequate. Buses only came by about every 45 minutes - if you are lucky. It would be impossible to do all the stops and sightsee in one day. 

So from there we decided to get the next bus and  ride the bus to the Tiffany and Co shopping centre. This meant that we made it nearly all the way around the city. The commentary on the buses was very good.  At the shopping centre I did take a stroll through Tiffanys, as you do. I didn’t think it was quite the place where you would whip out your camera. I imagine someone would be right by your side in a flash. However I can report there was a lot of serious sparkle going on there. 

And just for your amusement....... you get in the lift. 

1R is the ground floor

*1 is the second floor

2 is the third floor. 

.......just saying....

Today we are going to visit my nephew David’s work place. He works for Valve, the company that makes a lot of the top computer games. That will be followed by some retail therapy and lunch at The Lunch Box Laboratory.
 I know, sounds like we are going to be the victims of a science experiment! 

Catch you later....

Friday, July 13, 2018

Beautiful Seattle

Hello from America

We had a good journey to America. Air NZ from Auckland to San  Fransisco super as always and then Virgin Red to Seattle. All went very smoothly. 

We had one day around the house, getting rested and ready to go adventuring. 

Today Peggy’s son David took us into Downtown Seattle. Such a clean, green, pretty city. Lots of trees and bright flowers.  The sky of course the bright blue just as the song says. 

Our first stop was the Chihuly Garden and Glass Centre. If you ever get to Seattle this is a must see! The glass work is on a grand scale. Stunning designs and brilliant colours. I will let the photos tell the story.

This is called the mosaic ceiling

The rooms are darkened . These pieces were arranged on a black glass plinth about 18 inches above floor level. 
The glass pieces are HUGE.

I got to Peggy to take this photo to give you an idea of scale.
These two pieces were suspended from the ceiling. The lime green piece is  about 3 meters long.

From the darkened rooms you emerge into a huge glass house with these bright orange flowers suspended from the roof. 

...and from there out into the garden which is superbly designed, with glorious plant and glass  colour combinations. 

Right here in the heart of the city it was delightful to see lots and lots of bees busy around the plants. We even saw a humming bird. 

After the Glass Garden we headed out to do a spot of sight seeing on the Hop on Hop of Bus. 

.........more about that tomorrow. 

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

...........just checking in....

Hello folks

On the eve of my departure overseas I have been behind the scenes in my blog trying to fix the comment issue on my blog. 

I plan to be writing while I am away.

Could you please write a comment so I can see if everything is up and working.

Thanks a mill


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Helen’s Starbright

Helen entrusted me with her first ever quilt. Her workmanship is superb. Makes a quilter’s life easier. 

A huge quilt for a first. 
She gave me permission to quilt as I thought would suit.

I was particularly pleased with the stitching in the wide borders. A new technique for me, swirls and pebbles graduating out and finishing with piano keys. 

It’s always difficult to show Quilting on dark fabrics so I have washed this photo out a bit so the stitching shows.

One final peek

Helen has collected her quilt. She’s thrilled with the result.
Customer happy, I’m happy. 
That’s a win win. 
Thanks for popping by


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sunday Sundries

Edit: oooops, apparently I don’t know what day of the week it is! 

Our Silk tree has been looking superb this year. The bees are loving it. When I stand under it I can hear them buzzing away. 

A graffiti quilt turned into four table toppers.

Sweet Pea gatherings have commenced for the new year.Andreena’s attic window quilt. Pattern available from Missouri Star Quilt Co. 

Hazel made these cute little girl bags.

Hope you have had a great week. 

Thanks for popping by


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