Saturday, August 01, 2015

More of London

More to followWhat visit to London would be complete without a visit to the Tower of London? We got into the city early which gave us quick access. We headed to see the Crown Jewels before the crowds built up.

This is the second time I have seem the Crown Jewels but they never fail to impress. (Photo from Internet)

To represent the animals that used to be kept there some creative models have been made. These ones look like they are made of chicken wire.

What a cheeky bottom

Jackson took the opportunity to get close to a soldier in a Busby 

We were lucky enough to see the changing of the guard. The shorter soldier on the right seemed to be getting a right ticking off from the officer. Apparently his uniform was not quite correct. Fronts not lined up and belt not straight. Tsk tsk!

We walked the wall and got this great view of the Tower of London bridge.

Some people are lucky enough to live within the Tower walls. These houses are for the Doctor and the Chaplin.

These house are for the Beefeaters. Isn't it sweet how they plant lots of flowers around. 

Magical times in London. More to come soon.....

Sunday, July 26, 2015

More of The Globe......

.........this photo Ricky took shows how much it was raining! We had to buy some of those ponchos -forgot  to take ours. Drat! 

They say London had a month's rain in one day. I believe that!


The Globe Theatre

Yesterday we went to watch Richard the II at The Globe Theatre. 
Oh my goodness this is a very exciting theatre.

The theatre roof is open so if you have bought tickets for the standing area you get wet if it rains. Yesterday London turned on a good old downpour. Thankfully we were seated under cover. The stage projects out into the open so even the actors get wet. They don't let that bother them one jot. For this particular play the stage had slots cut into it either sides. People stood in there with just their heads popping above stage level. 

The actors interact with the audience a lot. It's such a small intimate theatre. No fancy dancy lights or amplified sound. Fantastic! 

This is definitely on the just do again list. 

Talk soon


Saturday, July 25, 2015

A flutter of Butterflies

Thursday we went to the Natural History Museum. Somebody said that a visit there was worth it just to see the building. That is so true. The brick work and stone work is stunning. I was of course looking with my quilter's eyes. I could see so many patterns. 

Jackson was keen to see the dinosaurs section. Peggy and I spotted a Butterfly House so we headed there. Although this is not a very large display it is very well done. So many lovely butterflies. Peggy had a couple land on her.

That butterfly doesn't look so exciting with its wings closed but when it opens out:

This one's for Debbie

They had a feeding station set up. 

After the Museum visit we headed to Hyde Park and walked across to Marble Arch.  Sadly Hyde Park is not its usual lush green self, but still very nice to stroll through. We had hoped to spot the NZ Memorial but sadly we ran out of time. Peggy and I will be staying near for our last few days in England so we'll stroll across and look then.  

Talk again soon


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Loving London

Golly days are sliding by and I haven't mentioned being in London.Today Peggy and I went out with Jackson.  First we went for a ride on the London Eye. 
This something well worth doing. However do get there early, the crowds are crazy. We got there by 10:00am and bought fast track tickets. The whole set up is super well organised and we were up and away very quickly. The ride takes about 30 minutes. 

Nothing says London quite as well as catching a glimpse of Big Ben. 

After the London Eye we went on a river cruise. I had never done that before. Seeing everything from the water gave quite a different perspective.

Then we did a bit of walking. Over the Thames by pedestrian bridge, a stroll to Cleopatra's Needle.

I love the big puss cats guarding the Needle
Everywhere you look in London there's something interesting to see. Look at these lamps posts. Such attention to detail.
Enen the seats carried on the Eygyptian theme

then along the bank to Westminster Bridge and an even closer look at Big Ben. 
Up to Trafalgar Square where we decided to have lunch. We thought The Admiralty Pub looked inviting.

It did not disappoint. Pub Grub at its best. I had a super nice chicken and gammon pie which was served with steamed cabbage, chips and gravy. 

 Jackson went for the Fish and Chips. Which he declared delicious. 

All in all a super day out and about.

Talk again soon. 


Friday, July 17, 2015

yesterday we whistled up to Whistler

We bussed up from Vancouver yesterday. After spending an hour on the bus charging around the city picking up people and meeting up with other buses to swap passengers we left the city behind and drove out into the countryside. I have a Canadian friend who told me that Canada is like a pocket sized New Zealand. When we stopped at Porteau cove I could see what she meant. 

See that huge ferry dock? That was built just in case the road becomes impassible. It's never been used but it's there just in case. 

Whistle is a very neat and tidy town. There is a strict building code, so all buildings have a similar look.

They never let a chance go by here. In the summer the Blackcomb chair lift is converted to take bikes and riders up the mountain. It is a high octane, energy rush sport. Takes your breath away just watching the riders come hurtling down. 

There are so many activities to do here. The town is full of happy holiday makers. This the Olympic Plaza used when the Winter Olympics were held here. 

They go all out to make things comfy for visitors.
Lush gardens and hanging baskets all over town. No shortage of water here.

This afternoon we catch the train back down to Vancouver.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Here we are in Canada

 'Tuesday we caught the train up to Vancouver. What a great way to cross the border. It all went very smoothly. 

Yesterday we took a tour around the city. It seems Vancouver is all about the Green
The Green
The Green
No pollution. 
Every where you go there are notices about disposing of trash in the correct way. The building code in the city says all new buildings must have a "green component". From the Lookout tower you can see lots of greenery. Some roof gardens even have bee hives on them. 

All around the city you can see electric cars. There are three hundred cars available that you can buy access to. Once you join the car network you can pick up and drop a car where ever suits. So it's not uncommon to see these cars plugged in.Pretty cute, yes?

We had a lunch break at Granville Island this is an area which was once industrial but has been converted into a trendy shopping foodie zone. Look at these pies. 

Lots of Street artists. We loved these three young men tap dancing. They put such energy into their show. 

If I ever get back to Vancouver I think I could just about find my way around. 

Next stop Whistler. 

See you


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