Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Japanese Baskets The End

Front of quilt indoorsIMG_1027 Golly it’s hard to get a good picture of white on white quilting.This quit is 85” x85”, I don’t have anywhere I can hang it up to photograph it.
Closer up
Close uo frontIMG_1028
I love how the baskets look
This is how it all began
Andreena's baskets unquilted 2
and just because I can
J basket collagePicMonkey Collage
Shay you were so right, Andreena said to tell you that if she was a bit younger she would have indeed done cartwheels. Yes, she’s pleased with the end result.
Thanks for sticking with me through this. I hope you have enjoyed an insight into my way of quilting.
Bye for now

Monday, September 01, 2014

Japanese Baskets VII

…..nearly across the finish line. Off the frame and trimmed. Today I am only going to show the back. Andreena is picking it up tomorrow. Although she hasn’t been reading my blog I don’t want to risk her seeing the finish.

  back of quilt oneIMG_1038_1

That final border took about 3 hours to complete. I decided to turn the quilt yet again.I’m so glad I have Red Snappers. It always seems easier to execute piano keys across rather than down the borders.

Quilt back twoIMG_1034_1

A final look

quilt back threeIMG_1036_1

I think that brings my hours tally to 27.

Come on back tomorrow to see the front.

Thanks for popping by.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Japanese baskets VI

I finally finished the McDazzling. Putting this background filler into a quilt this size is not for the faint hearted. It took about 6 hours to complete this part of the quilt. I used 6 bobbins of So Fine thread.My machine takes the larger sized bobbin so that’s a lot of thread.


Then it was time for the feathers that I had been dreaming about to fly out of my head and into those setting triangles. Now I am a minimum marking maximum effect kinda girl. I made my own templates to mark out the curve and the centre feathers.


I marked these main features of the design and stitched them out.


Then I start stitching feathers. I didn’t mark anything else.


Once I had completed the top and bottom border I took the quilt off and turned it. Kaiser of course thought this was a good time for a cat nap.

Kaiser cat napsIMG_1019

I’m loving how the curve in the triangle feathers is forming a fuax swag look.

Back onto the machine, interesting back view after the turn.

Back after turningIMG_1021

With the other two borders finished, those feathers took about 4 hours to complete.

At this stage I felt very glad that I had completed the narrow gold border. Time for a thread change. For this last border I am stitching in dark blue. The border fabric is so rich I feel it needs a simple treatment. I am stitching Piano keys with a quarter inch echo. I think they look very understated and elegant. The perfect finish for this quilt.


Thanks for popping by, do come on back tomorrow for the grand final.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sweet Peas….

Our numbers were somewhat diminished today. Only five of us.
Andreena brought along the beginnings of a Japanese wall hanging.
Andreena's Japanese Lady
This pattern was designed by Judi of  Quilt Shop Papamoa Tauranga.
Andreena's Japanese lady patternIMG_0980_1
I think it’s going to look very nice when it’s made up.
Andreena has also, ever in the Christmas theme, been making these super cute decorations.
Andreena's decsIMG_0982_1
This lead to a button hunting frenzy to find buttons for future decorations. Debbie is going to demonstrate these when we have the full compliment of Sweet Peas back.
Button sortingIMG_0984_1
….but wait there’s more from Andreena, a snazzy table centre piece:
IAndreens runnerMG_0985_1
She has been busy!
Peggy has been busy too since we last gathered. She has completed her disappearing Hour Glass Block top.
Peggy's quiltIMG_0986_1
So crisp and fresh looking:
Peggy's blocksPicMonkey Collage
Thanks for popping by

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Japanese baskets V

Just a quick glimpse today.

McDazzling going in around the baskets.I say McDazzle because Karen McTavish says:

“McTavishing is my fingerprint, my style of background filler. Every quilter who attempts it, whether by machine or hand, will develop a personal style to their McTavishing.  I recommend naming your signature quilting style after yourself by adding and “ing” to your last name. That way it is your personal style and your own filler.”


 McDazzle twoIMG_0977_1


I am of course using Magnifico thread. It has such a nice pearly sheen.

I’ll be back when I move on out to those big setting triangles.


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Sundries…………..

Lots to share this week.

First up, this is enough to knock your socks off.

Abbey, daughter of my blogger friend Leanne at Cottage Tails has launched her first pattern as a designer of knitting patterns’'.

This is her logo, I think it is very clever

Abbey has her own blog and Face book page. I follow a lot of bloggers who knit socks, if you do please check out Abbey’s design and mention her on your blog and/or like her on face book. Let’s help this clever, talented New Zealand designer to go global!

I have been dabbling into making some homemade beauty products. On Friday I made honey,beeswax and almond oil moisturising cream.

Honey ceam Collage

This stuff is divine. Almost good enough to eat! You can find the recipe at Petite Kitchen.Of course I had I had to do a cost analysis. I bought my Bees wax from Trade Me, Almond oil and Rosewater from my local Chemist. Price per pot $9.50.

But wait, those pots are a bit boring aren’t they? Washi tape to the rescue:

IHoney cream with washiMG_0913_1

Signs of spring in the garden.

Sping garden aug 2014PicMonkey Collage

Our lemon tree is dripping lemons. They are so sweet and juicy.

Lemon Tree

When I went to this Camellia tree I could hear the bees busy at work. Look at this little one – so much pollen on board I wonder if it will fly home safe.

Busy BeePicMonkey Collage

……..and just because I can a local scenic picture.


Just another day in paradise…….


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Japanese Baskets IV

….back to Andreena’s quilt again. Remember all those channels I stitched? Today it was time to fill them with Pearls.

Pearls in ChannelIMG_0914_1

Tiny little circles, with an average of 45 Pearls per channel. That’s approximately 1260 little pearls I have stitched today.You have to go slow and steady stitching these.

One of the features of my Innova that I love is the adjustable handles. When I am doing tiny stitching I can drop the handles down very close to the surface of the quilt. I can even rest my forearms on the belly bar. This all helps to attain good control.

Handles down lowIMG_0926_1

After I had finished the pearls I added a Lotus flower into the top of each basket.

Lotus flowersPicMonkey Collage

I stitch these free motion without any marking. They do vary a tad block to block but they do look hand guided not computer generated. I like that.

Another four hours have slipped away while I stitched today. I have enjoyed getting back to some free motion work.

Thanks for popping by, more stitching tomorrow.


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