Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Sundries

This week I completed another set of Fraternal Twins quilts. Do you remember the Memory quilt I made some time ago? Wendy made two more cot quilts for future Grandchildren. They are simple but sweet.
Dimples oneIMG_1776_1
Dimples twoIMG_1781_1
After being tempted for some time I fell for the charms of Pandora. Who could resist the Valentine special bracelet with the heart shaped lock?
New pandora bracelet valentines2015IMG_1787_1
The Pave ball in the middles was part of the package. I had to add a bit more didn’t I? So on went the two pink beads plus the pave heart clips. No, that wasn’t enough,on I went to add Leo king of the jungle and a chicken charm. Oh dear. What next? I think I am totally charmed!
There is a hint of Autumn in the air. Our Hydrangeas are changing colour rapidly.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sweet Peas……

gathered at our house yesterday.

Lots of chatter and yummy food as usual.

The girls have been busy. The last time we gathered I shared with them how to make the an enhanced version of the 10 Minute Table Runner called  “The Last Minute Table Runner. Three runners….

Last minute table runnerIMG_1754_1


Debbie the Queen of the Treasure box has been sharing her knowledge with Trish who has made this very sharp box. The pin is just there until buttons are added.

Treasure boxIMG_1755_1

Before Christmas I shared this a picture of a wall hanging:

Sweet Pea Margaret who loves all things featuring cats was inspired to make her own interpretation of this:

Margaret's cat wall hangingIMG_1752_1

Those eyes are perfect don’t you think?

Margarets car eyesIMG_1751_1_1

A combined effort.

This is Andreena’s Row x Row quilt. Andreena set out to quilt this but decided to ask me to complete it.

Andreenas R xRIMG_1757_1

Andreena RxRRibbet collage

Pretty sharp yes?

Thanks for popping by


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fraternal twins

Kaye sent me two quilts made using the same pattern but very different fabrics.
cats oneIMG_1742_1
I wanted to quilt them completely differently.I felt that the Yellow/Grey twin was asking for a slightly more traditional look – although some corrugated iron stitching snuck in there.
yellowandgrey twoIMG_1737_1
grey and yellow centreIMG_1748_1
Now for the bright cat twin
This quilt called out for some funky variegated thread and a more modern approach.
cats corner twoIMG_1745_1
Same pattern two very different looks.
My friend Clare of Lotsmooredesigns has a nice giveaway. Pop over and have a look.
Bye for now

Monday, February 02, 2015

Winnie the Pooh and Friends

Isn’t this the sweetest quilt?

Winnie thepoohandfriendsIMG_1731_1

Doreen has made this for a soon to arrive Great Grandson. My instruction was to quilt a soft all over, but who could resist adding adding a little something extra in those triangles?


BTW that solid blue is linen – are very nice modern quilting touch.

Doreen also bought matching fabric to make a cot bumpes. I quilted that with 1” straight lines.

Winniethepoohandfriends bumperIMG_1733_1 

Thanks for asking me to quilt for you Doreen.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

…. and now for something completely different

Terri was given the challenge of creating a quilt with a skull and crossbones theme and just a touch of red. Now that really is something different! Here it is before stitching started:

RazzleDazzleQuilter ltIMG_1687_1Skull and cross bones quilt
Terri is so clever, she created the skull and cross bones from lace pieces.
Skull and cross bones quilt
Spooky, yes? I started by stitching tiny micro stipple in the eye sockets and skull gap. Then tiny pebbles around the edge of the skull to make the skull “pop”. I have lightened this picture in the hope that you can see the stitching.
Skull and cross bones quilt
After the centre I moved on out to the large setting triangles and stitched cobwebs with red/black thread.
Skull and cross bones quilt
Terri placed Mariners compass blocks with a touch of red in the corners.Here’s the whole quilt finished:
Skull and cross bones finishedIMG_1707_1
Yep we were flying the Jolly Roger when Terri came to collect her quilt.
Skull and cross bones quilt
Quilting never gets boring around here. Thanks for the challenge Terri.
So what do you think? That really is something different isn’t it?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Double Pink

Cat sent me this quilt which I have called Double Pink. A eclectic mixture of new and vintage fabric. This is for her daughter Pheobe. Such a girlie quilt.

Coming off the frame.

Double pink coming off frameIMDG_1395_1

 The sweet picture fabrics are so right for this quilt.

I have been slowly building my range of thread colours. I thought it would be nice to add some Pink. I bought this Magnifico colour 2009 Elizabth.


Up until this quilt it has been too bright for anything I have stitched but it was just perfect for this one. All over clamshells suited this quilt perfectly too.

Double Pink close upIMG_1395_1

Looks like Pheobe is pretty happy with her quilt too. Pretty quilt for a pretty girl.

Miss P and her quilt_1

Thank you for asking me to quilt for you Cat. 


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Sundries

Golly it has been hot around here. Lots of iced lemon water being consumed
Lemon waterIMG_1730_1
Sharing the love. Our Silk tree and the Pink Rose from next door playing nicely together.
Pink Roses and silk tree
If you ever need to make a small quilt quickly the Bandana quilt is a great solution.Here’s the recipe:
Bandana quilts with only four bandanas! You need one for the centre, one cut into fourths diagonally for the "middle layer" , and two cut in half from corner to corner for the outside corners.
Surfs up bandana quilt
The bandanas I used are from Canteen. The finished size is just 42” square. The outer bandanas had a big fern running through the middle. Cut like this the white parts remind me of surf boards. The swirls reminds me of the sea. so this little quilt is called “Surfs up”
The size of this quilt made it perfect for a bit of Cat Scan training for Bailey.How about this for enthusiasm?
Bailey learns to cat scan one_1
I think he’s going to be a very a very strict inspector, he obviously thinks the back is just as important as the front.
Bailey learns to cat scan_1
…..however it is clear Cici thinks she is the senior cat scanner around here.
Thanks for popping by.
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