Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wendy’s quilt

Our eldest sister Wendy has been going through a rough time lately. What could we do? Well, make her a quilt of course. Peggy made the top using the Jay Bird Hex and More ruler.Seems we can never get enough Hexi quilts around here.

Wendy's quilt and gardenIMG_1798

Wendy's quilt in loungeIMG_1794_1

Yes folks, all those daisies and feathers stitched free motion.Peggy is a whizz at binding those Hexi edges.

Edge of Wendy's quiltIMG_1796_1

Before Christmas Peggy and I dug into our backing fabric bins, sewed up lots of left over pieces and made quilt backs. Before we put them away we measured them, wrote the measurements on a pieces of calico and attached them with a pin. It is great to know we have a backing stash just waiting for us.

Bck of Wendy's quiltIMG_1807_1

How about this for a sweet label? Re purposed linen.


Perfect I think.

Thanks for popping by. Hope you have had a pleasant relaxing weekend.

Bye for now


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sweet Peas

Golly, I forgot to share what our ladies have been doing. Debbie has been quilting this bright Laurel Burch Panel.Just the binding to stitch down and it’s going to look superb.

Laurel Burch PanelIMG_1904_1

Rochelle has been busy making several lap quilts for a friend.

RochelleLap quilt oneIMG_1939_1

Rochelles lap quiltIMG_1902_1


Nice work ladies.


Night Night Sweet Baby

This is Pam’s second kiddie quilt.

Pams blue quiltIMG_1963_1

Isn’t this centre panel sweet? I enjoyed putting some texture in there:

Pam blue quilt centreIMG_1958_1

Pam created some very interesting borders which deserved some quilting accent:

Pams blue quilt borderIMG_1959_1

Turning the corners must have taken a bit of clever planning:

Thank you for asking me to quilt for you Pam. Your piecing is so good, a pleasure to work on.


Thursday, April 09, 2015

Two for One

Remember when I made Rainbow Kitties I said wouldn’t be doing matchstick quilting again? Well that didn’t last. Peggy made this adorable quilt and it just begged for the matchstick treatment.


Such soft squishy texture. I can just imagine little fingers crinkling and stroking this.

CalebRibbet collage

..and look at the back:

Caleb backIMG_1956_1

Love, love that. Two quilts for the price of one.

Thanks for popping by


Sunday, April 05, 2015

Vroom Vroom

Pam made this quilt for her Grandson.


The centre panel, very cute and whimsical:


Such fun to quilt.

VaroomRibbet collage

varoom borderIMG_1912_1

I stitched with Superior threads Soft white thread. Such a nice thread for projects like this. It blends across a variety of colours very well.

I have another quilt to stitch for Pam. Another Panel with borders. Share with you soon…


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sweet Peas…

Gathered at our house this week.As per they had all been busy. Andreena showing her enthusiasm for Christmas yet again. A stocking beautifully quilted with gold thread.

Andreenas stockingRibbet collage

…..and look at this dog she has just completed. She is inviting name suggestions for this cutie. Any ideas? ( sorry I couldn’t get a better picture – kitties thought they were that stars of the show).

Andreenas dogIMG_1856_1

But wait there’s more. Andreena has also completed this Lotus Bag.

Andreens Lotus bagIMG_1854_1

Andreena and Trish have been working together to create a Table topper. This will having stitching and quilting added.

Andreenas and Trish Table topperIMG_1847_1

Rochelle bought her completed R X R quilt. So happy and summery looking.

Rochelles RxRIMG_1858_1

Sunbonnet Sue enjoying “Life is a Beach”

Rochelles Life is a beachIMG_1862_1

For a while now I have been watching other bloggers using Lace Zips. Now I have Zipper phobia. Lace zippers looked like good therapy for that condition. So I looked for some tutorials, ordered some zippers and played.This is what I made:


I read several tutorials and picked out the best from all of them. You can find them here:

This one is finished without raw edges inside:

No doubt you would like to know where to buy zippers:You can get any colour and lots of sizes from:

Thanks for popping by


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